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Homeowner Painting & Decorating


You know you want your job done professionally, you definately dont have the time, or maybe you just cant do it yourself anymore so your looking for reliable decorators -

And we know when we're searching for the right people to complete a job in your home there's a lot riding on that decision, we can definitely relate to that.

We usually ask ourselves - Do i trust them? Can i leave them in my home? Is the work going to be completed to the standard i want it? Will they be tidy? Will there be a lot of disruption?

That’s why our aim isn't just to give you exceptional Painting & Decorating workmanship but to make sure your entire customer experience is a great one.

Our business is built around the customer's point of view so we can deliver the best experience possible to you.

When you use Eaton Contractors for your painting and decorating we guarantee you will be satisfied so you can enjoy living in your home.

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Landlords Painting & Decorating

Landlords - We know what it's like to rent out properties and all the challenges that come with it, we manage the decorating for many landlords and estate agents properties as well as minor maintenance issues across York.

There are big benefits to painting & decorating to a quality standard - it attracts higher quality tenants, who respect your property more and treat it better, they stay longer because they feel looked after. When they love your property, they decide faster so you rent it out faster and so minimise voids.

The days of crappy properties being on the market are slowly coming to an end and the standard of properties especially in York, where the market is very active, means you need every advantage to make sure your properties are rented out at the best price you can get.

We manage the jobs from start to finish liasing with our list of other trades where necessary - we have efficient systems in place like an organised key safe at our secure office, job management software and able staff that enables us to manage our jobs effectively. 

Multiple decorators means we can re-decorate your properties to a high standard but also quickly.

And with our excellent communication channels and training - we can organise with tenants or letting agents for you too.

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Business Painting & Decorating

Business Managers & Business Owners - As a business we fully understand deadlines and costs associated with not being open for business.

So we make sure there's minimum disruption for you, and ensure the job is completed within the time allocated.

Wether you have a B & B and need the rooms or communal areas freshening up , 

a block of offices or single office you manage requires a fresh lick of paint

or perhaps you've a 60 room hotel that needs full redecroation.

Whatever your business - our team of highly experienced painter & decorators alongside our capable office staff and management software will make sure your business premises are kept tidy, customers are respected and the job is planned out accordingly so there is minimal disruption to you and your business.

We can work on large and small business premises, evenings and weekends if needed so can accomodate all work including regular ongoing contracts out of hours.

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